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Each successful customer checkout will create a Sale record which can be viewed in a few places:

Sale overview

Sales will have a variety of customer and payment information attached to them, including but not limited to:

  • Receipt - for one time purchases
  • Invoice - for subscription and compound purchases

Learn more about sales invoices and receipts here.

Compound purchases are ones where there are both a one time price and a recurring price on the same payment link.

After a sale

Success page

By default, after a successful sale, each customer will be redirected to a checkout success page where they will see:

  • Confirmation of the purchase
  • A detailed summary of their purchase
  • Payment reference (e.g. payment / invoice id)
  • Customer support information
    • Note: This information is pulled from your Stripe business details
Example checkout success

If you want to redirect your customer to a different URL after a sale, you can update the success_url value via either:

  • Payment link details
  • Query string params -
  • Common merchant account configuration

Here's an example of a success_url query string param override here..
You can learn more about controlling checkout redirects [here.](/checkout/redirect)


When shipping is enabled for a payment link, the fulfillment status of any resulting sale will be set to pending.

This value can be updated to completed when the seller has fulfilled the order.

If shipping is not enabled, the fulfillment status for an associated sale will be set to completed.

You can learn more about how to control shipping and customer address collection for a payment link here.

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