PriceBlocs Overview

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PriceBlocs helps businesses and creators sell their products in any channel.

Sellers can easily create a payment link using our link builder, no coding required.

Our payment links pack all the power of modern payments into a single, versatile link, which can be used anywhere. Each of your payment links are unique, and can be configured with a wide array of options.

As a seller, you can control all of the things you need in order to sell:

  • Products
  • Prices
  • Taxes
  • Discounts

You can also

  • Associate a link with a particular customer
  • Restrict link usage to a certain timeframe
  • Use them with any of your current CRM apps
  • Attach files to be delivered to your customer after purchase

How it works

Payment links are easy to get started with. Once you have created your PriceBlocs account, and connected a merchant bank account, you're ready to start selling.


Our easy to use link builder, let's anyone create a payment link visually, in just a few clicks. You can test out the builder here.


Sellers can share their payment links across any of their sales channels.

Once a payment link is clicked, a new secure checkout session will be created using the settings chosen by the seller.

Your customers can now pay using all the major payment methods they are used to, including digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Heres a test link you can try to see a checkout in action:

You can simulate a real checkout by using the test details payment details listed here:

-- Test payment details to use --
cc: 4242 4242 4242 4242
cvc: 123
mm/yy: any future date

Get paid

PriceBlocs uses Stripe to securely process payments and manage payouts from any sales into a connected merchant bank account. Stripe is an industry leader for online payments, used by millions of startups to Fortune 500s. By using Stripe, PriceBlocs can meet the latest regulatory and compliance requirements for payment processing,

Use cases

Each PriceBlocs payment link brings a customer directly to checkout, allowing you to streamline your sales funnel through a single link. Less friction can help you close more sales, for use cases such as:

  • Requesting a one off amount for payment
  • SASS upgrade emails with an incentive - 1st month free
  • New product launch - early bird pricing
  • Seasonal sales - one time discounts and promotions
  • Clearance sales for multiple products
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