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Payment links can have a variety of restrictions set on such as:

  • Receiver
  • Timeframe
  • Redemptions (indirect via coupons)


Payment links can be associated with specific customers through the setting of either of these fields:

  • customer_email - any valid email address
  • customer - any id of a Customer within your connected Stripe account
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customer_email can be set via:

  • the link builder UI
  • query string param

Heres an example setting the customer_email param

customer can be set via query string param.

Note: if the customer param is used but no customer can be found for the id value passed, then the link will show an error


An expiration can be set on a payment link if you want to restrict its usage after a certain time.

An expiration can also be set indirectly on a payment link, through the usage of a coupon which has an expiration set.

A link which has an expiration based coupon attached, will only be valid up until that coupon has expired.


A redemption limit can be set on a payment link, indirectly, through the usage of a coupon which has a redemption limit.

If you create and set a unique coupon on a payment link, and set a redemption limit on it, then the link will only be valid up until the coupons redemption limit has been reached.

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