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Modern messaging platforms render a preview of any link which is posted within them.

Each payment link you create has metadata which can be updated to control how it is previewed across channels.

You can think of these previews as a mini shop window for your product, where the preview is an opportunity to sell and communicate your product and branding.

Metadata preview

Default values

When a link is created, we will generate metadata for it using a collection of available values we have, so that you dont have to. Such values include:

  • Product names & descriptions
  • Prices
  • Sellers business name and more


If you need to further customize the metadata, you can do so within the metadata menu for any payment link.


We have a metadata importer tool you can use to quickly pull your meta tags from an existing site. Some sites like Shopify block this importer, but we will try our best.


You can test any of your payment links into a preview tool to see how they will appear across different channels. Here's an example.

Metadata testing
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