Payment details

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Payment details are customizable for each payment link. You can set and control

  • Products
  • Prices
  • Tax rates
  • Discounts and more

The sum total of your selections will be calculated, and the result will be the total price to be paid for your payment link.

Payment details preview

Products & Prices

Each payment link requires at least one product and price to be set on it.

When using the link builder you can pick your product from the list presented when you click on "Add product".

Checkout product picker

If a product has more than one price, then you'll see a list of prices to choose from.

Prices have a variety of interval types. You can choose to either a:

  • One time price
  • Subscription recurring price

If you want to create a new price you can do that either through the:

  • Link builder UI
  • Prices index page
  • Stripe dashboard

Quantities and combinations

You can set one or more products on a payment link, as well as control the quantity of an individual product.

This is useful when you want to sell in bulk or are charging for multiple licenses on a SASS product, for example.

Tax rates

You can create and set one or more tax rates on your payment links.

Each time you add / remove a tax rate, the subtotal within the checkout preview will update.

Inclusive vs Exclusive

Tax rates have two types, they will be either:

  • Inclusive - tax is already included in total price
  • Exclusive - tax is added on to the total price

Inclusive tax is part of the price. For example, if the price is \$600 and you set an inclusive tax rate of 10%, the invoice total will still be €600. Exclusive tax is applied on top of the price. An exclusive tax rate of 10% on a €600 price will result in an invoice total of €660.


A discount can also be added to a payment link but you are currently limited to setting one per payment link.


There are some restrictions when it comes to setting the payment details for payment links.

  • The total value of your payment link must be greater than zero if all the prices are one time charges.
  • You are currently not able to create a payment link which has a 100% discount applied, however for subscriptions prices, the total value can be 0.
  • All prices must have the same currency.
  • All prices which are not one time charges, must have the same billing interval.
  • All prices must have a minimum quantity of 1.
  • Installment payment plans can only be used with recurring prices.
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