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Prices are attached to a product resource within your account.

A product can have one or more prices, and each price can be configured differently with values for:

  • Unit amount / price
  • Currency
  • Billing interval type
  • Nickname

Billing interval types

Prices have two distinct billing interval types:

  • One time
  • Recurring
    • Can have varied schedules such as monthly / annually etc.

One time

One time prices are intended for products which only require being billed to a customer once.

This is the standard pricing structure.


Recurring prices, also known as subscription prices, will schedule charges to a customer on a predefined interval basis.

When creating these prices, the seller can choose the type of interval for the recurring schedule.

The available interval types are:

  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Year
Prices schedule

Sellers can also set the quantity for an interval, for example:

  • 1 Day - Daily
  • 1 Week - Once per week
  • 3 Month - Quarterly


PriceBlocs supports creating prices in many currencies.

You can set the currency for a price by selecting from the currency dropdown when creating a price.


It can be difficult to calculate your price when you want to factor in certain things such as:

  • Multiples
  • Discounts

To help with calculating a price, we've created a simple calculator which allows you to input and adjust a price using a variety of controls.

Pretty prices

Sometimes you will want to convert prices into a pretty format such as ones that end with .99

This can be difficult to determine when you also want to present it in the context of a billing interval like "Billed yearly".

If you've calculated a price, but it doesn't end in a clean number sequence like .99, you can use the pretty price function to help you adjust a calculated price to the nearest pretty equivalent.

Connect a Stripe account


After a price has been created, there are some restrictions to:

  • Updating and
  • Deleting them


Once a price has been created you are restricted from updating its:

  • Value
  • Currency
  • Currency

Deleting & Archiving

Stripe imposes some restrictions when it comes to deleting a price.

This is because any price which has been previously used in a transaction (successful or not) is used as a reference for reporting and other application level functionality.

If you try to delete a price which has been used, you will see an error message which says:

This price can't be deleted because it has been used in a transaction. If you’re no longer using this price, you can always archive it.

If you dont want a price to be used, and are restricted from deleting it, you can archive it instead.

This can be done by either:

  • Toggling the active state on the price edit page
Archive a price
  • or archiving the price from within your Stripe dashboard.
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