One Click Unsubscribe

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Sellers can enable one-click unsubscribe on their PriceBlocs account so that their Customers have an easy way to can manage their own subscriptions.

Customers billing unsubscribe

When one-click unsubscribe is enabled, any Customer that purchases a subscription, will receive an email receipt which contains a one-click unsubscribe link.

If a Customer decides they want to cancel their subscription, all they have to do is click that link.

Customers billing unsubscribe

This self-serve subscription management ensures:

  • Customers get the easiest, low effort way to cancel their subscriptions
  • Sellers spend less time on support requests to manage Customer subscriptions

How to enable

Within the Email > Billing management settings, toggle the one-click unsubscribe option on. That's it!

Customers billing unsubscribe

When enabled, an email receipt will be sent for every successful intial subscription purchase, regardless of whether the standard PriceBlocs email receipt setting has been disabled.

The one-click unsubscribe link is embedded in the email receipt, so it's delivery is required.

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