Account Overview

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Sign Up with GMail

You can signup for PriceBlocs and start creating payment links using any GMail account.

There are two types of accounts:

  1. Individual
  2. Team


  • All members that signup with an email that ends in, will create an Individual account.
  • Individual accounts don't share any created resources with other PriceBlocs members, and are unable to create a Team account.

Resources are any payment related record created on PriceBlocs or created within Stripe, which support accepting payments on PriceBlocs. Examples include records for products, prices, tax-rates etc.

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  • Members who signup using a GMail account which is tied to a unique domain, will be part of a shared Team account.
  • This allows members of the same company / organization to sign up for PriceBlocs and collaborate on creating payment links together.
  • Members of the same Team will be able to see and manage their shared payment resources.

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